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The Mark Stephens Yoga Adjustments Deck

Paperback Book
North Atlantic Books
February, 2020
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A quintessential resource for yoga teachers to master the art and practice of adjustments, assists, and alignments--based on Stephens' best-selling Yoga Adjustments.

This deck empowers yoga teachers and trainers to understand the principles of hands-on yoga teaching and apply the most effective methods of tactile cueing to improve alignment, support stable foundations, and honor safe biomechanics. Focusing specifically on teaching effective alignments and safe adjustments, it includes 105 full-color yoga cards with instructional photos, color-coded by type of posture. An accompanying booklet provides detailed explanations of how to assist students in a variety of poses so users are equipped with practical guidance for in-class adjustments. The cards are a perfect companion for new teachers to use as flash cards, experienced teachers who need to make adjustments on the fly, and home practitioners with a deep personal practice.

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