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Medicine Melodies

Songs the Healers Hear
Music CD
Sounds True
May, 2012
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The first natural healers were the shamans, and their most powerful medicine was supported by and carried by music. From time immemorial, explains musician and expert voice culturist Silvia Nakkach, the shaman has heard the hidden music of the universe and sung it back through what she calls “medicine melodies”: healing sound formulas that help to transform energy patterns and enhance deep listening and receptiveness. Joined by composer and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Eickmann, Silvia draws on Indian ragas, Sufi zhikrs, Tibetan chant, and indigenous shamanic songs from Africa and the Americas to offer Medicine Melodies, a multilayered tapestry of drones, vocal harmonies, strings, and acoustic landscapes.

Like the forest, where so many species live together in secret harmony, each piece of this album comes from a variety of genres, idioms, and geographies. The pieces encompass a three-thousand-year time span. The intention is to go beyond time in the search for human resonance through devotional sound...

The compositions of this album draw from many sources, from the ancestral and natural music of lullabies, to the extended vocal utterances of new music and the avant-garde. The voice becomes an instrument that plays a mandala of archetypal characters through repetitive melodic lines and rhythms.

Also by Silvia Nakkach is the book Free Your Voice.

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