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Mystic Encounters on the Shaman's Path
Paperback Book
December, 1999
$24.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman’s first book, Spiritwalker, described some mind-opening spiritual journeys. Continuing in the Castaneda-esque tradition of The Teachings of Don Juan, Medicinemaker is the memoir of a scientist-turned-shaman who time-travelled 5,000 years into the future, where the modern world has disappeared and indigenous tribes are making a new way in the world.

On Wesselman’s nine spontaneous shamanic journeys to the distant future, he meets his descendant, a kahuna mystic named Nainoa, and he is given one startling revelation after another: the reason Western civilization vanished, insights into the dawn of creation, and remarkable healing rituals from the kahuna tradition. In between journeys, Dr. Wesselman struggles to understand why he is having these visions and trances. Eventually he learns of the universal shamanic traditions of mind-travel and begins actively to seek out these experiences. Medicinemaker illustrates both the healing and destructive potentials of shamanism. It “is dedicated to the medicinemakers of all traditions and all times.”

Wesselman gained access to some inner doorway, putting him in the presence of a transcendent life force and intelligence and on the threshold of a dazzling new understanding of nature.

I know this sounds quite fantastic, even unbelievable. In my dark moments, I wondered often if I were going mad. Yet this fear was balanced by the intuitive sense that through these journeys, I had stumbled onto something of considerable significance—something that was providing me with entirely new insights into what it means to be human.

Medicinemaker is vibrant, beautiful, and intimately written. This book is the wake-up signal humanity has been waiting for and is one of the most important books you can read in your lifetime.” —Gay Luce, director, Nine Gates Mystery School

Publisher’s Description: 

In the brilliant visionary tradition of Carlos Castaneda, anthropologist Hank Wesselman first documented his spiritual journey in the acclaimed account Spiritwalker. Now he continues his travels through the spirit world in this astonishing book, leading us into the heart of one of the greatest mysteries of existence.

Dr. Wesselman's inspiring quest began with a dramatic encounter on the island of Hawaii. Though he had feared his connection to Nainoa, a kahuna initiate and fellow mystic traveler, would be severed when he moved to San Diego, Wesselman would continue to merge minds with Nainoa. Over the next five years, the true purpose of their profound yet cryptic contact took shape. Wesselman had gained access to some inner doorway, putting him in the presence of a transcendent life force and intelligence. On the threshold of a dazzling new understanding of nature, he was a shaman in training, an initiate into the sacred, secret healing powers of the spirit world.

This remarkable book gives us an unprecedented glimpse into the origin and the destiny of our species. Hank Wesselman has brought back from his extraordinary travels an extraordinary message: the keys to personal power and to the healing of all humankind.

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