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Meditation Made Easy

Paperback Book
October, 1998
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You've probably heard about the benefits of meditation: Sharper thinking, reduced stress, improved concentration, lower blood pressure, even increased sexual pleasure , all of these positive effects have been confirmed by science. In this uniquely accessible guide, Lorin Roche shows that meditation is that easy—and pleasurable.

Roche answers questions and debunks meditation myths, and gives three easy-to-follow techniques for getting started— "The Do Nothing Technique," "Salute Each of the Senses," and "Feeling at Home Exercise". He shows you how to integrate "mini meditations" into spare moments of the day, from savouring morning coffee to taking advantage of the five minutes before a meeting. He explains how to overcome meditation obstacles, customise meditation to your own needs, and use your breath, voice, and attention as meditation aids. And he shows how meditation will give you the power to explore your inner passions and enrich your sense of self.

Meditation, according to the author, has been held captive by gurus and over-restrictive spiritual traditions for centuries; you shouldn’t have to sit in an awkward position or empty your mind or relinquish desire to meditate. Here he offers startlingly simple, flexible, step-by-step techniques to wake up the senses and relax the body and mind. With his amazingly clear and reassuring guidance, anyone can learn to meditate.

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