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Meditations For People In Crisis

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Paperback Book
June, 1996
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Like an angel to take you by the hand during physical, emotional, or spiritual crises. Sam and Leslie drew these selections for themselves from Paul Brunton’s Notebooks during Leslie’s battle with leukemia. The quotes gave them inspiration, faith, and understanding throughout a two-year ordeal and have helped many of their friends since Leslie’s passing recently.

Make up your mind that your attitude toward every experience counts more than the experience itself, that the way you think of it will either help or hurt your spiritual evolution. If you reaction to an event weakens your character and dulls your intuition, then it is really an evil one for you; if, however, your reaction is to utilize it for your spiritual growth, then it will in the end be a fortunate event.

“On the high barren ground above the tree line of life when death is seen just beyond the next ridge, our calls for guidance to take us safely to the peak are echoes back in such words as these. This is the high path that brought Sam and Leslie to fruition and completion. You may notice quite quickly how perfectly your shoes fit within their footsteps. This book is a blessing from the heart of Paul Brunton that has been filtered through the very real life we all share.” —Stephen Levine, author of Healing into Life and Death

When it seems humanly impossible to do more in a difficult situation, surrender yourself to the inner silence and thereafter wait for a sign of obvious guidance or for a renewal of inner strength.


Life will bring you, if your are teachable, through the tutelage of bitter griefs and ardent raptures to learn the value of serenity. But if you are not, then the great oscillations of experience will tantalize you until the end.


You should begin by searching through your feelings to discover which one, if it exists, is the block to a speedier and favourable end to the trouble, which one is shutting out the forces of help, as well as which one is blinding you to the vital lesson behind the situation.

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How to cope with life's inevitable crises, understand them, and discover new strengths.

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