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Meister Eckhart On Divine Knowledge

Paperback Book
North Atlantic Books
November, 2008
$22.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Meister Eckhart on Divine Knowledge is not only the most profound study of the core theological and philosophical themes of Christianitys greatest mystic ever written. It is also the greatest exegesis of Christian non-dualism ever published.

Of all Christian mystical teachings, those of the Dominican theologian Meister Eckhart (c. 1260c. 1328) are increasingly recognized as the most compatible with the non-dualistic traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism. Based on the authors three decades of formal study and spiritual practice, this book offers a clear path to understanding the breadth and depth of Eckharts unique achievement. C.F. Kelley argues that the fundamental principle that elevates Eckhart above all other Western mystics, and links him to Eastern spiritual approaches, is his insistence that we think principally in divinisthat is, from within the mind or orientation of the Godhead or Divine Knowledge itself.

What is here presented to the reader supersedes all former interpretations of Eckharts teaching. It refuses to ignore what he precisely and repeatedly says cannot be ignored, that is, his exposition of the doctrine of Divine Knowledge in terms of the highest and most essential of all possible considerations.
C.F. Kelley, from the Preface

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