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The Middle Passage

From Misery to Meaning in Midlife
Paperback Book
Inner City
January, 1993
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Why do so many go through so much disruption in their middle years? Why then? Why do we consider it a crisis? What is the meaning of such a pattern?

Hollis, a Jungian analyst, presents us with an opportunity to reexamine our lives and to ask a question, both liberating and frightening: “Who am I apart from my history and the roles I have played?” It is an occasion for redefining and reorienting the personality, a necessary rite of passage between the extended adolescence of the first adulthood and our inevitable appointment with old age and mortality. Those who make the passage consciously render their lives more meaningful and the second half of life immeasurably richer. Those who do not, remain prisoners of childhood.

The outcome of the Middle Passage, if we suffer enough to become conscious and can accept the implications, is that our life becomes our own.

In our culture, one cannot count on the cooperation of employers or even family in this process of balancing one’s psyche. All the more, then, must one steal time here and there. When hobbies are seen less as filling time than as feeding the soul, then we will likely be more serious in seeking alternatives to our usual way of functioning.

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