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Mind Body Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2

A Positive, Powerful, and Proven Solution to Stop Diabetes Once and For All
Paperback Book
Findhorn Press
May, 2016
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Lifting the Lid on Diabetes is a positively refreshing and unique information, support and practical resource book to emotionally and physically 'stop diabetes now', creating profound and positive change on many levels. Written with extensive experience of type one diabetes and top professional expertise in mind body medicine, this book provides a very new and exciting way of thinking about diabetes as well as containing ground breaking practical resources to stop diabetes; something that can be taken as far as the reader personally chooses, applicable to all types of diabetes, and circumstances.

This book provides the tools to develop a completely different and inspiring mind-set to change and conquer the common perception and often daunting baggage of diabetes that can prove challenging for anyone to get to grips with. This book demonstrates how we don't just have to 'manage' diabetes and the vast array of emotions that go with it, it shows how to fully release them and live a life without limits, the extent to which you can only fully appreciate from glancing at the contents.

From dramatically improving diabetes and successfully taking control, to completely reversing it, it's all out there with the knowledge to explain why, the information to cover what diabetes is and what we mean by 'stopping' it, to the very practical resources explaining how to do this whilst making life easier in the process, the encouragement to inspire positive change, and the reassurance of what to do if things don't always go according to plan.

Lifting the Lid on Diabetes is written in an easy to follow step by step format and supportive manner with down to earth personal experiences and research along the way; including managing the worst of this condition through to taking it in hand and experiencing extraordinary results and progress. This book integrates humor, character and dialogue throughout as it engages with the reader, as well as containing facts, information, and practical resources.

There are no limits as to what can be achieved in this book; completely 'lifting the lid on diabetes!' and much current thinking around the condition. This book is therefore about creating a huge sense of freedom and liberation from diabetes as we currently know it; providing the reader with great realistic hope coupled with a fresh, practical and positive approach to create dramatic change, also evidenced by the authors very own personal work, experience and health.

Referred to as an invaluable, informative and practical resource for anyone wanting to be as exceptional they can be, whether personally or professionally connected to diabetes, this book has everything necessary to do just that.

Any reader is sure to develop a different level of knowledge and thinking whereby they are so much more than 'a condition' and they don't just have to 'manage it' weather they have T1 OR T2.

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