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The Mindful Menopause Workbook

Daily Practices
Paperback Book
Wisdom Publications
November, 2021
$67.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Teachings, exercises, and reflections to help you be mindful during menopause from a respected psychologist.

The Mindful Menopause Workbook will help you bring mindfulness into your day-to-day activities during menopause. The teachings, exercises, and meditations will show you how to recognize and achieve a more balanced, peaceful, and joyful orientation to whatever you experience at menopause and beyond.

A years worth of daily teachings will offer you micro-moments of self-care and self-developmentmentally, physically, and spiritually. Following each teaching is space for you to journal whatever thoughts, emotions, or sensationsarise. The exercise section includes an illustrated guide to yoga postures and outlines sequential poses that foster greater ease and awareness of the body, while the guided meditations and breath exercises promote body-mind unity through expanded peaceful awareness. The book addresses issues common to women during menopause sensitively, and gives recommendations for dealing with common complaints such as insomnia, fatigue, low energy and libido, anxiety, depression, hot flashes, physical discomfort, poor digestion, and weight gain.

Together, these teachings, exercises, and reflections will help you approach menopause mindfully, and joyfully, as you deepen your practice and transition into a new stage of life.

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