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A Mindful Way

8 Weeks to Happiness
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Paperback Book
September, 2006
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This beautiful workbook, based on the mindfulness practice teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, consists of a practical, eight- week-by-week course outline, along with a series of personal reflections. It may be read alone, or better still through forming a “Mindful Way” study group of like-minded friends to assist and support one another. [See]

A Mindful Way introduces us to the practice of mindfulness: a state of mind in which we live our life with more simplicity, fuller consciousness and greater awareness in order to fully enjoy each and every moment. “You can be mindful whatever your religious system of belief and practices; in fact it will help you to see more deeply into the preciousness of your own religion.”

This book… will assist you in healing your past, teach you how not to “disaster-ize” or be fearful about your future. It will allow you to enjoy the only thing any of us really ever possesses in our lives—this present moment.

A Mindful Way is organized around “five enduring and commonsense practices, all presented in a totally different and wonderful way.” These are the five precepts:

Not to kill or abuse yourself with your thinking, but to only show kindness, respect and compassion to yourself and to others.

Not to steal, but to give generously both to yourself and to others.

Not to engage in any unhealthy sexual relationship, but to first develop a deep loving relationship with one’s self and then another.

Not to use unkind or thoughtless speech, but to use good listening skills and to be effortlessly present with others.

Not to eat or consume unmindfully, but to use awareness to realize that peace and joy can only be found within one’s self.

“A lovely rendering of Thich Nhat Hanh’s precepts. Sensitive, cogent and useful text with simple exercises that help one to awaken the human heart.” —Joan Halifax Roshi, author of Being with Dying

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