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Where It Comes From and What It Means
Paperback Book
December, 2019
$23.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

A quick guide to the history of the world's most popular meditation practice. From the time of the Buddha to the age of meditation apps, this straightforward introduction gives an entire overview of the use of the term "mindfulness" in Buddhist meditative traditions. Drawing upon years of experience through practicing, researching, and teaching the history of mindfulness, Dr. Sarah Shaw offers the first-ever accessible guide to the roots of this ancient meditation technique that continues to benefit millions throughout the world.

Although the term is heard everywhere from boardrooms and classrooms to gyms and yoga studios, surprisingly little is known about the origins of mindfulness. This easy-to-read short history will give readers, whether they are seasoned or novice practitioners, a better sense of the most practiced meditation in the world.

"Mindfulness. . . thoroughly examines the different meanings of mindfulness, from early Buddhist texts to today’s therapeutic applications. This study will be of value to the Buddhist student who wants a deeper understanding of what it means to pay attention to the present moment and how the practice has evolved in different corners of the world over the last 2,600 years." —Tricycle

“What is mindfulness? Is it a scientifically proven method for reducing stress? An evidence-based strategy for improving performance? A path to complete liberation from suffering? Or is it simply a way to live a more contented life? With directness and warmth, Oxford University’s Sarah Shaw explains why the answer to each of these questions is yes. Her expertise (and storytelling ability) as both an academic and a practitioner take ‘mindfulness’ out of the pop culture loop to give us the historic and spiritual meanings of the word. This illuminating book is for anyone who wants to discover the true potency of mindfulness that may otherwise be obscured by our self-help leanings.”—Susan Piver, author of Start Here Now

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