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Mindfulness in Motion

a happier, healthier life through body-centred meditation
Paperback Book
September, 2015
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We are moving beings, so… movement-based mindfulness! Mindfulness in Motion presents the Body in Mind Training programme: a truly groundbreaking new approach to mindfulness that is practiced not by sitting still but by engaging with the moving body.

BMT involves paying full attention, moment by moment, to the sensations of the moving body.

 Written by neuroscience, martial arts and mindfulness expert Tamara Russell, this is the only book on mindfulness to explain exactly why moving meditation is the best way of “rewiring” the brain, teaching it to focus on the present moment. Her simple exercises are designed to be accessible to everyone, including those who can’t seem to find time for practice, and those who have struggled with traditional Zen-inspired mindfulness, with its emphasis on sitting meditation.

This approach to secular mindfulness uses the moving body as the main meditation tool. The message is simple: getting out of your head and into your body is the key to a happier, healthier life. Chapter by chapter the book explores the five principles of movement-based mindfulness:

  • PAUSE: In order to hear your body you have to slow down and listen to its voice – this is the starting point for BMT mindfulness practice.
  • INTENTION: Setting your intention before you act can dramatically increase your ability to achieve what you want in life.
  • ATTENTION: You can detect the mind-wandering habits that hold you back and use your attention to create more space for the things that really matter.
  • UNDERSTANDING ME: It’s possible to tame your “mental monkeys” and create new neural pathways in your brain to help you to realize your full potential.
  • COMPASSION Facing and accepting your own difficult experiences can profoundly transform your relationship with life.

Offered are 45 easy-to-follow brain-training exercises (which can be done any time—the moving body is always with you!), step-by-step photographs, clear brain diagrams and a host of practical tips. With a little focus, determination and practice, you can embed mindfulness in daily life, however busy you are.

Publisher’s Description: 

Body in Mind is a major new approach to managing stress, anxiety and depression and gaining unprecedented self-awareness through body-centered mindfulness. Drawing on the techniques used in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, the latest research in neuroanatomy and Eastern martial arts traditions, Dr. Tamara Russell has created a unique practice to help you cope more effectively with the most challenging emotions and feelings.

Dr. Russell has used these techniques effectively in a clinical setting with sufferers of manic depression, as well as in corporate settings with managers experiencing a high degree of stress and with elite athletes looking to integrate seamlessly body and mind. Because her approach is grounded in the body, Dr. Russell has found it effective for people who find a traditional "sitting still" meditation approach very difficult. Chapter by chapter, the book explores how we can slow down, engage in the present moment, train our attention, understand ourselves and be truly at ease.

Each chapter is full of diagrams, thought-provoking and informative illustrations (such as time-lapse photography and brain neuroimaging) and simple exercises and breathing techniques that anyone can perform. Many of the exercises (such as "mindful walking" or the "day of pausing") can be fitted into your daily routine; others, such as "mindful backward swimming," offer a fresh and intriguing approach to the concept of exercise. For the first time, brain neuroimaging is used to prove the beneficial effects of physical and mental exercise. This ground-breaking book makes the healing power of meditative practices that is supported by the latest scientific evidence accessible to everyone.

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