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The Mindfulness Schools Curriculum for Adolescents

Tools for Developing Awareness
Paperback Book
WW Norton
September, 2019
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A flexible set of lessons tailored to the developmental needs of adolescents, based on research in behavioral science.

Arguably, no student population stands to gain more from mindfulness practice with its power to enhance emotion regulation, attention stability, and self- awareness than students between the ages of thirteen and twenty. In this comprehensive curriculum developed at Mindful Schools, Oren Jay Sofer and Matthew Brensilver provide twentyfive brief (twenty- to- thirty- minute) lessons that supply a framework for mindfulness instruction that can be expanded or condensed according to the needs of students. Each lesson includes a science supplement with research findings relevant to the practice, and handouts summarizing key aspects of the lesson that can be distributed to students.

Users of the curriculum may also be interested in the instructional resource written from a similar perspective by these authors with JoAnna Hardy: Teaching Mindfulness to Empower Adolescents.

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