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The Mirror Of The Sky

Songs of the Bauls of Bengal
Book + CD Set
May, 1999
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Prized by musicologists and treasured by readers of ecstatic and mystical poetry, Baul song-poetry is a mysterious 600-year-old art form. Throughout their history the Bauls of Bengal, India have kept no official scriptures. Their esoteric teachings on the use of breath, sex and devotion are encoded in the words of their songs/poems. The Bauls believe that God is not found in heaven or the afterlife but in the present moment, alive in the body of the man or woman who seeks the truth. Their music, lyrics, and accompanying dance reflect the passion, devotion, and iconoclastic freedom of this remarkable sect of musicians and lovers of the divine, known as “God’s troubadours.”

In The Mirror of the Sky (previously published as Songs of the Bards of Bengal), Deben Bhattacharya brings the beauty and passion of the Bauls to Western readers with his translation from the Bengali of 204 ancient songs, including a CD of authentic Baul artists, with some recordings dating as far back as forty years.

Reaching for reality

is lame talk

to describe the goal

of the lover-worshipper.

He will attain

the great unattainable,

and stare at the face

of the invisible one,

bearing the nectar of love.

                   —Gosain Gopal

Deben Bhattacharya is a specialist in collecting traditional music, song and dance in Asia, Europe and North Africa.

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