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The Path to Inner Peace
Music CD
Real Music
June, 2016
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Moksha: the Path to Inner Peace by flute maestro Rajendra Teredesai presents Indian Ragas on bansuri flute for healing massage, meditation, yoga, flowing heart.

In yoga, Moksha is the highest goal attained through union with the Divine. These ancient Indian ragas, as played here played on the wooden bansuri flute, are known to create a deeply calming effect on the listener, facilitating inner peace and deep relaxation. They were traditionally tuned for specific times of the day (Dawn, Morning, Noon, Sunset, Twilight and Night) and, as such, are ideally heard when aligned with the mentioned times, keeping their deeply meditative and spiritual qualities in mind.

 Rajendra Teredesai is one of the foremost disciples of the most celebrated flute maestro of all times—Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. Rajendra beautifully blends and integrates the most significant aesthetic and technical aspects of Indian classical instrumental music, combining it with a rich, sonorously soothing tone and immaculate blowing technique, displaying an amazing virtuosity, vivid with creative imagination in terms of elaboration and improvisational technique and design, in his woodwind playing.

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