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Moonmaggy Moon Phase Fridge Magnet 2020

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August, 2019
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$5.95 CAD
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MoonMaggy: Moon calendar 2020 - lunar phases 2020. It's a magnetic calendar that is designed to stick to more than your fridge - put one on your boat, locker, tackle box, or any other steel surface. Or use it as a bookmark reference. Wherever you put it, MoonMaggy will keep you in step with the moon. Shows each day's phase of the moon. Printed on thin magnetic base material with water resistant top coat. Includes our Moon Over Me card on which is printed ANOTHER moon calendar of daily moon phases. Card is slightly larger and contains four panels of information on date/times of major moon phases, eclipses, apogee/perigee, full moon names, etc. Sized to fit into a standard #10 envelope (not included) for mailing with your letter or greeting card, MoonMaggy is a simple, useful gift (magnet calendar is 3.5" x 8.0" - Moon Over Me card is 4.0" x 9.25").

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