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A Moth To The Flame

The Story of the Great Sufi Poet Rumi
Paperback Book
Rowman & Littlefield
January, 2007
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Banyen's Description: 

From my first breath I have longed for Him. This longing has become my life.


The Moth to the Flame is the story of the meeting of two human beings that, like the conjunction of two planets, realigned the fates. Although it happened long ago, during another time of war between Islam and the West, this tale of an individual life fully lived is the tale of every life: Rumi’s yearning for God is our yearning, his anguish, our anguish, his victory, our victory. In the tradition of Siddhartha or The Last Temptation of Christ, his story is the mythic story of the human soul.

In this first narrative biography about Rumi, based on original sources in both Farsi and English, we discover some of the key moments that shaped his vision and ecstatic, poetic genius. We watch his faith tested, and we witness his meeting with the beloved, which overturned his world and led, eventually, to his union with God and the grand outpouring of poetry for which he is known.

He gasps at his own words. Rumi, the Muslim scholar, is long gone. He no longer knows himself. He can no longer give discourses on dead teachings.

The man who believed poetry was a waste of time is taken over by it. The verses burn in him and press their way out, flaming out of his mouth.

For centuries, Rumi has remained as alive as Shakespeare in the hearts of millions of Muslims. Today, in the West, where he is the bestselling poet, he burns like a torch of inspiration for us all.

Once you taste the wine of union,

what will be your faith?


Also by Connie Zweig are Romancing the Shadow and The Holy Longing.

Publisher’s Description: 

In the tradition of Herman Hesse's classic Siddhartha, A Moth to the Flame is the first biographical novel of the Sufi poet Rumi. This tale of the life fully lived is the inner story of every life. Rumi's longing for the ultimate is our longing, his anguish is our anguish, and his triumph is our triumph. A Moth to the Flame takes us inside Rumi's world where we see his faith tested and witness his pivotal meeting with the beloved that led, eventually, to his union with God. Based on extensive historical research, including original sources in both Farsi and English, this story reveals the key moments that shaped Rumi's spiritual and literary genius and made him a source of inspiration for millions.

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