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The Multi-orgasmic Couple

Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know
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Paperback Book
December, 2001
$21.99 CAD
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Here the authors of the breakthrough book The Multi-Orgasmic Man (which offers more detailed and wide-ranging instructions for men—the books are meant to be complementary) bring us an extraordinary book for couples. Drawing on the traditions of Taoist sexual alchemy but applying this healing love wisdom in delightful, contemporary ways (with beautiful line drawings showing principles and positions), the Chias and the Abrams give us the couple-to-couple real goods on:

ª  Multiplying and expanding your orgasms for men (including learning ejaculation control, understanding orgasm, and moving from genital orgasms to whole-body orgasms)

ª  The pool of desire: multiple orgasms for women (including knowing your body, exploring your erotic potential, cultivating orgasmic potential, your sex muscle, working with anorgasmia).

ª  Principles and practices for generating, transforming, and storing sexual energy

ª  Harmonizing Yin (she) & Yang (he)

ª  Learning the circuits of the body

ª  Tongue kung fu: oral sex on women

ª  Finding a rhythm that works for both

ª  Why sparks fly: sexual energy healing

ª  Healing positions; circulating energy

ª  Soul-mating and soul orgasms

ª  Transforming sexual energy into spiritual energy

ª  Sexual health for older men, women, and couples

ª  Cultivating compassion

ª  Lifelong lovemaking

Practice makes pleasure. Because this book is based on a three-thousand-year tradition of actual sexual experience, the authors are well aware of the effort that is involved—pleasurable as it may be—in changing your sex life. Learning sexual secrets is one thing, but using them is quite another. The techniques in this book have been tested and refined by countless lovers over thousands of years in the laboratory of real life. We have tried to present them in as clear and simple a way as possible, but the only way to benefit from them is to really use them.

“By following the suggestions in this book, men and women can learn new ways to enhance their sexual lives and sexual health, either alone or with a partner.” —Dr. Beverly Whipple, past president of the American Association of Sex Educators and Therapists

Publisher’s Description: 

The bestselling authors of The Multi-Orgasmic Man show you and your partner how to:

  • Experience intense multiple whole-body orgasms
  • Pleasure each other profoundly
  • Use sexuality for health and healing
  • Deepen your love and spiritual relationship

Couples will discover simple step-by-step techniques for a level of sexual pleasure, intimacy, and healing they may not have known was possible. This fully illustrated guide will inspire couples to make love all night-and make love last a lifetime.

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