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Mushroom Wisdom

How Shamans Cultivate Spiritual Consciousness
Paperback Book
January, 2007
$18.50 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Mushroom Wisdom explores the universal aspects of the psilocybin mushroom experience as it relates to spirituality.

Anyone can eat mushrooms and experience the profound mind-manifesting powers of the sacred plant, but actually using them with intent and purpose for spiritual development requires certain techniques.

Martin Ball explains how mushroom use can lead the spiritual seeker to profound states of self-awareness and radical understanding of the nature of the self, reality, and the sacred. Topics include looking into the spiritual mirror to uncover an authentic sense of self, developing “witness” consciousness to overcome self-limiting concepts and judgments, and removing obstacles of ego and self-induced suffering to trigger the rich experience of “spirit flow.” The book also addresses the creation and use of ritual, sacred objects, and the importance of sound and silence.

What do the mushrooms teach? Primarily, mushrooms teach about the self. They open seekers up to the process of their own mind and their means of reality construction. They teach seekers about who and what they are.

When approached as teachers, the mushroom experience, while profoundly joyful, is primarily work. Learning is work… But it is work with profound rewards.

Ball distinguishes between using mushrooms in spiritual work as opposed to simply having a pleasant psychedelic experience. Not a guide to how to have “fun” with psilocybin mushrooms, Mushroom Wisdom is a serious investigation into deep spiritual nature, offering guidance through this potentially difficult and harrowing process, and drawing on a wide array of both scientific disciplines and ancient shamanic practices.




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