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Physician for Times to Come: an Anthology
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Paperback Book
June, 2000
$22.95 CAD
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Ancient people knew it, and in our bones we know it too: music and sound deeply affect body, mind and spirit. “We are just beginning to realize the profound scientific, medical, psychological, and spiritual questions involved in the power of music,” says Don Campbell, the anthologist of this collection of essays by noted musicians, scientists, music therapists, and spiritual leaders exploring new paradigms integrating music’s age-old healing role with modern techniques.

Among the many resonances of music explored in this watershed collection are:

ª  Chant: healing powers of voice and ear

ª  Harmonic chant: global sacred music

ª  The overtones of health

ª  Music therapy: music and healing

ª  Sonic entrainment

ª  Sound in mind and body

ª  Imagery and the physiology of music

ª  Music in attitudinal medicine; and more.

Among the writers are Robert Assagioli, Manfred Clynes, Jonathan Goldman, David Hykes, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Jill Purce, Alfred Tomatis, and Kenneth Mills.

In his foreword, musician Paul Winter says, “I resonate with the words of my cosmologist friend, Brian Swimme: ‘My wild idea is that we reinvent ourselves and our society from the assumption that music is the central power of the universe.’”

This rich anthology by Don Campbell is a myriad of ideas relating to music and healing. It would be my hope that you find among them some clues for sound-making and be inspired to weave them into your daily life. I propose, with the license for optimism given me by music-making, that these simple sonic rituals, these prescriptions of “Vitamin M,” may be among the most transformative things we can do. Through them we can be brought back to “beginner’s mind,” with the child in each of us reawakened by our allurement to sound and our natural yearning to resonate with the world.

Each morning, as we hum or chant or strum or drum, we can celebrate the renewal of our path, our life-song, or the journey of our fledgling species, with our own humble offering of this glorious gift called music.                   —Paul Winter

Among Don Campbell’s other offerings are The Mozart Effect and Heal Yourself with Sound and Music.

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Here pioneering musicians, doctors, therapists, and teachers in diverse spiritual traditions explore new paradigms.

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