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Music Medicine

The Science and Spirit of Healing Yourself with Sound
Paperback Book
Sounds True Inc
July, 2012
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Music is part of who we are at the deepest level—and we don't need any special talent or training to harness its power to enhance our lives. With Music Medicine, music therapist Christine Stevens presents an information-packed resource, filled with scientifically-based practices for accessing and attuning to the natural healing properties of music. Stevens invites you to discover:

  • Accessing the four elements of music—rhythm as medicine for the body, melody for the heart, harmony for the soul, and silence for the mind
  • Conscious listening—how to open yourself fully to the healing potential that music offers
  • Your musical self—accessing your voice, spirit, and inner music for healing and change
  • Clinical research, case studies, and stories that reveal music's extraordinary capacity to reduce stress, prevent illness, and strengthen the immune system
  • How music connects us to each other and creates community, even in places of war and conflict
  • Healing playlists—each chapter features valuable download recommendations and links for selecting healing music
  • The drum massage, creating your power song, full-body listening, and other effective and enjoyable practices.

This book is about a paradigm change. It’s not about being taught music; it’s about music teaching us. It’s not about practicing music; it’s about music as practice. It’s not bout talent; it’s about truth. It’s not only about loving music; it’s about living music. It’s about finding your way into a “sound“ health strategy that is joyful, creative, harmonious, and fun... Music's medicine awaits your discovery.

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