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My Marriage to the Western Mystic Robert Adams, an Enlightened Being

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December, 2013
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Robert Adams was, and is, Simply Robert: a powerful, self-realized master teacher of illumined truth and remarkable selflessness and compassion who, after his early spiritual experiences, traveled to India to meet with Ramana Maharshi for confirmation of his experience.

Born in New York City in 1928, his presence on this Earth was a gift to the Universe. His vast understanding, which was all-inclusive, gave him wonderful humor, sincerity, and compassion. Robert was everyone's best friend. In his presence one became like a child . . . innocent, open-hearted, natural, and simple. Nothing could remain in front of him. There was no room, no space. The fullness of his presence left no room for anything else: no mind, no past, no attachment. One was relieved of all but here and now. This was his grace.

A student remembers him thusly:

"Looking into the endless vastness of his eyes, I said, 'Robert, you don't mind, do you?' He said, 'Just put nickels in my ears to keep my eyes open.' What an ordinary guy, but so extraordinary! We are free. We only think we're not. 'Robert,' I said, 'am I not free just because I think I'm not?' He replied directly, his face in front of mine, his eyes looking fully at me. 'Because you THINK.'

He told the story of our suffering, and he told the way out. There was nothing he did not understand. If we remember his words, his life, his manner, his walk, his talk, his gentle hands, his humor, his vast eyes, we are free, and were with him in freedom."

Prior to and during his 15-day transition, Robert predicted the month, day and time of his demise, plus many more predictions which have precisely come into fruition.

But what was it like to live with such a man? His biography, written by Nicole Adams, his wife of four decades, describes their sojourn together on planet Earth, as well as the aftermath manifestations, in the book My Marriage to the Western Mystic Robert Adams, An Enlightened Being. What was it like to live with such a man? You will be amazed and enlightened.

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