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Mystical Hope

Trusting in the Mercy of God
Paperback Book
June, 2001
$17.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

This small book from well-known retreat and conference leader Cynthia Bourgeault, author of Love is Stronger than Death, is published in the tradition of “cloister books” which are inspired by the monastic custom of walking slowly and reading or meditating in a place of silence, centering, and calm.

She invites us to find our way to the hope that does not disappoint or fail—a different kind of hope that has its source not in events but in the mercy of God, a lifeblood of compassion connecting our heart to God’s heart and the heart of all creation.

Must we be whiplashed incessantly between joy and sorrow, expectation and disappointment? Is it not possible to live from a place of greater equilibrium, to find a deeper and steadier current?

The good news is that this deeper current does exist and you actually can find it. I hope in this book to show you how. But I should warn you from the outset that we are not going to go by the easiest route. There are plenty of books out there that can give you gimmicks, psychological techniques, comforting platitudes, and timely advice. But for me the journey to the source of hope is ultimately a theological journey: up and over the mountain to the sources of hope in the headwaters of the Christian Mystery. The journey to the wellsprings of hope is not something that will change your life in the short range, in the externals. Rather, it is something that will change your innermost way of seeing. From there, inevitably, the externals will rearrange.


Publisher’s Description: 

In five interwoven meditations, Mystical Hope shows how to recognize hope in our own lives, where it comes from, how to deepen it through prayer, and how to carry it into the world as a source of strength and renewal.

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