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Incarnations of the Invisible World
Paperback Book
Inner City
May, 2004
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Tales told by shadowy elders around ancient campfires offered both explanation and comfort. Life hasn’t changed that much: our dependence on explanation and comfort still lies just under our busy ambition and constant yearning. Most of the time, the basic assumptions of our early years were so viscerally absorbed that we have never made them articulate, and therefore never had any way to evaluate their relevance for us now. What if they are outdated? Immature? Beside the point?

In Mythologems, Jungian analyst James Hollis, author of several popular books including The Middle Passage, shows us a way to bring those stories to consciousness—what questions to ask, and when. And also what to expect of ourselves in the process. This is not a quick fix book: in fact, waking up to our truth is sometimes very painful. But it is real. And it may be the only way to discover that sense of meaning and personal authenticity that no amount of outer success can provide.

Here Hollis explores “myth” in three ways: as psychodynamic image, as personal scenario, and as tribal value system.

A “mythologem” is a single, fundamental element, or motif, of any myth. The motifs of ascent or descent are mythologems…

While any of us in any moment may be seized by a particular mythologem, we may also come to recognize that we are often bound to life-long scenarios which silently but constantly reveal themselves through the conduct of our lives… The reward of maturity is to discern such scenarios, or personal myths, at work in one’s life. Only then are new choices possible.

In the final chapter, “The Recovery of Mystery in a Sterile Time,” Hollis writes:

The gods are present whenever we ask the right questions about our journeys. Knowing what questions matter is the first and nearly most difficult task. Living the answers the gods bring to us, in lieu of those we would prefer, is the greater challenge.

Among James Hollis’ other books are On This Journey We Call our Life and Swamplands of the Soul.

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