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Nada Himalaya

Music for Meditation
Music CD
New Earth Music
November, 1997
$18.50 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Powerfully meditative and a distinct departure would be two apt descriptions for Deuter’s Nada Himalaya. While his past works, like Nirvana Road or Land of Enchantment, were crafty blendings of guitars, recorders, lively percussion, and spacious, flowing synths, you’ll find none of those instruments here. Instead, only gentle sounds of Tibetan bells and bowls, chimes and sounds of mountain streams float like white clouds in the Himalayas of vast space. These sound vibrations can literally change the environment, inviting silence from the inside. A timeless space of harmonics and subtle vibrations await those who enter the here and now of these spiritual sounds, resonating from the heights and depths of simple breath and existence.

In 10 years of traveling and living in Asia I have gathered a collection of fine Tibetan bells and bowls. All have been handpicked and come from different places in Nepal, Tibet, Japan and India. One was from a Tibetan monastery, one was a gift from a Tibetan lama, who touched my heart with his big laugh. One was a present from a spiritual master, Osho, who gave it to me “for healing purposes.”

And this is what these sounds are doing, they want to help and heal you from the inside out. All the energies from people of different times who made these bells and all my 25 years’ experience of making music and listening to the silent music within are in these recordings....

Use this music as an active meditation, listen to the music, feel how the sounds resonate in your system, humming gently with it.

Or use it as a soft background, to relax and harmonize yourself, after coming home from work.

Publisher’s Description: 

Deuter's masterful meditation music echoes the pristine essence of a Himalayan retreat by integrating Tibetan bells and bowls, chimes, and the natural sounds of a mountain stream. Expanding reverberations and overtones meld in perfect harmony.

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