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From Naked Ape To Superspecies

Humanity and the Global Eco-Crisis
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Paperback Book
April, 2004
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For millennia, we lived in harmony with the Earth, taking only what we required to survive. But in just the past few centuries, we have evolved beyond our needs, using our powers to thrill and amuse ourselves, and to satisfy our obsession with consumption and new technology, without regard for the consequences (why is that?). In this revised and fully up-to-date edition of From Nake Ape to Superspecies, geneticist Suzuki and co-author Dressel describe these snowballing consequences in terms no caring person today could ignore, and they introduce us to the people who are fighting back, those who are resisting the powerful advance of the “global economy” juggernaut, the sane people whose voices are difficult to hear over the din of corporate PR machines.

We learn how human arrogance—demonstrated by our disregard for the small and microscopic species that constitute the Earth’s engine, and our reckless use of technological inventions like powerful herbicides and genetically engineered crops—is threatening the health of our children and the safety of our food. And many more “facts of life,” too!

But it’s not too late to change our course. We are at a turning point—we can either push ahead on our path to destruction or we can reshape our place in nature and continue to grow.

The many stimulating interviews presented seek to answer the question, “Why, when there is so much consensus among scientists that the biosphere is being altered catastrophically by human activity with results that will be disastrous for our own species, are governments and businesses failing to respond appropriately to reduce our ecological impact?

In the first two chapters of this book, I felt we had to do an inventory of what we’ve done to nature, how much we use and how much we have left. That inventory is always at the core of our discussion of the belief systems—modern culture, economics, politics and media—that have led us to consume our natural resources so excessively, and so quickly.

Among David Suzuki’s other books are Time to Change and Inventing the Future.

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