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Natural Grace

Dialogues on Creation, Darkness, and the Soul in Spirituality and Science
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Paperback Book
August, 1997
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From two renowned and beloved contemporary “bad boys” in their fields (Fox in Christianity and Sheldrake in science) come these spirited and quite provocative conversations. These guys are widely informed, have done their homework, and their lit up enthusiasm for a living sense of meaning is contagious. Matthew Fox, a spiritual theologian and now Episcopal priest, has written many books which have brought the creation spirituality tradition to life. Rupert Sheldrake, also author of several influential books, is one of the most innovative scientists of our time. These dialogues emerged as the authors spoke together in public and private settings on both sides of the Atlantic.

We both share an interest in going beyond the current limitations of institutional science and mechanistic religion, and we both believe that as a new millennium dawns, a new vision is needed which brings together science, spirituality, and a new sense of the sacred. Their separation underlies our present crises of ecological devastation, despair, and disempowerment. How else can hope in a new sense of meaning be awakened if not by the coming together of those two powerful traditions that were rent asunder in the seventeenth century? We need a new cosmology that speaks to our hearts as well as our minds.

The dialogues in this book are preliminary explorations into this new territory. Our hope is that our efforts will assist others to go further and enjoy themselves as much.            —from the Preface

A short review of the contents can give but a hint of the width and depth in these extended conversations by two of the more erudite public mystics of our time: “Living Nature and Creation Spirituality,” “Grace and Praise,” “The Soul,” “Prayer,” “Darkness,” “Morphic Resonance and Ritual,” and “Revitalizing Education.”

Much of what science has revealed about Nature has been left in a sterile state, insulated from the world of the spirit. With the riches of Nature that science has opened up come new opportunities for thanksgiving, for praise, and for wonder at the creativity underlying all things. In this fuller context the truth of the mind and the truth of the heart can come together....

We are aware that these dialogues are only a beginning in the new convergence of science and spirituality. We trust that they will help to stimulate others and to awaken hope in them as they have in us.


Publisher’s Description: 

The chasm between science and religion has been a source of intellectual and spiritual tension for centuries, but in these ground breaking dialogues there is a remarkable consonance between these once opposing camps. In Natural Grace, Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox show that not only is the synthesis of science and spirituality possible, but it is unavoidable when one considers the extraordinary insights they have both come upon in their work. Sheldrake, who has changed the face of modern science with his revolutionary theory of morphic resonance, and Fox, whose work in creation spirituality has had a significant impact on people's sense of spirit, balance each other with their unique yet highly complementary points of view. In these inspired dialogues a variety of ancient topics--including ritual, prayer, and the soul--are freed from the past and given new power for the future in the liberated universe Fox and Sheldrake show us.

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