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Near-Death Experiences

A Historical Exploration from the Ancient World to the Present Day
Paperback Book
Amber Books
September, 2019
$26.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Is death really the end? Find out what science, and the firsthand experiences of those who nearly died, tell us about what might lie beyond.

Do we each have a soul or spiritual essence that will journey on once the body has turned to dust? Will death appear as oblivion or a nightmare? In recent decadesthanks to sophisticated resuscitation techniquesmore people have returned from temporary death to reveal what they saw and felt. Doctors have noted that these descriptions of near-death experiences (NDE) were remarkably consistent, even though the people had very little in common. All spoke of a sense of peace, of travelling through a tunnel towards light, of seeing cities of light, and hearing celestial music. Some even overheard conversations that wouldnt normally have been possible. Near-Death Experiences examines in detail a wide range of NDE case studies, encompassing children and adults, skeptics and strong believers, those who expected to die and some caught in sudden accidents. This thoughtful analysis offers a glimmering of what may lie in store for us.

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