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The Neuroaffective Picture Book

An Illustrated Introduction to Developmental Neuropsychology
Paperback Book
North Atlantic Books
June, 2018
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An illustrated, easy-to-read introduction to the evolution and early development of the brain, emotions, and personality

This concise, charmingly illustrated book offers an introduction to the evolution and early development of the brain and personality that form the crucial foundation for lifelong learning and growth. Designed for psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, and child care professionals--as well as social workers and anyone else who wants to know more about the biological roots of emotion and relationship--this book is the most accessible primer on developmental neuropsychology available, combining easy-to-understand text with light-hearted illustrations. Covering topics such as the autonomic nervous system, neuroaffective development, the role of the prefontal cortex, and the zone of proximal development, The Neuroaffective Picture Book is a unique and useful tool for learning about emotions, social skills, and self-regulation.

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