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The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy, 3rd Edition

Healing The Social Brain
Hardcover Book
WW Norton
May, 2017
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This groundbreaking book explores the recent revolution in psychotherapy that has brought an understanding of the social nature of people's brains to a therapeutic context. Louis Cozolino is a master at synthesizing neuroscientific information and demonstrating how it applies to psychotherapy practice. New material on altruism, executive function, trauma, and change round out this essential book.

We are simultaneously social and isolated creatures: embedded in our groups and our minds. Because we are social creatures, we become afraid when we feel isolated, making our shame feel all the more overwhelming. The presence of another, such as a therapist, allows us to feel safe enough to activate neural plasticity and change our brains and minds. Feeling safe requires that we become familiar with our inner world, root out and battle our demons, domesticate our minds, and turn them into allies. How do people change? We change by connecting with others while cultivating a deeper relationship with ourselves.

“In his revised edition, Cozolino artfully traverses the gap between clinical practice and the emerging literature in neuroscience. By cleverly juxtaposing clinical examples with brain research, he demystifies psychiatric disorders and places them within an easy-to-understand neuroscience framework. Readers will come away knowing just how and why psychotherapeutic processes have a positive impact on the nervous system.” — Stephen W. Porges, PhD, Director, Brain-Body Center, Department of Psychiatry, University of Illinois at Chicago

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