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Night Of The Witches

Folklore, Traditions & Recipes for Celebrating Walpurgis Night
Paperback Book
February, 2011
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Witches, goblins, and ghosts in the warm springtime: what could be more fun? The roots of Walpurgis Night reach deep into the Pagan past, and modern Europeans celebrate it with as much abandon as their ancestors did. Walpurgis Night, in Germanic tradition, is a dark night at the end of April when witches are out celebrating and causing mischief. This charming book explores the history of this frightful night and explains how to celebrate it with seasonal activities, simple crafts, and tasty recipes.

Readers will learn about the sacred rites of spring and the thirteen herbs that correspond with the Night of the Witches. They'll discover how this "lost" holiday has changed from a lusty fertility festival to a children's night of fun and treats, learn a bit about brooms and how to make one, and meet a collection of old-time Witches, from Ash Wives to Wolf Crones.

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