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No Ordinary Moments

A Peaceful Warrior's Guide to Daily Life
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Paperback Book
May, 1992
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Millman’s earlier books have been huge best sellers, because he has a knack of inspiring people to grow. In person he radiates a courageous vitality that seems ready to take on anything, and to blossom. In his introduction to No Ordinary Moments, he writes:

“I would ask myself, at random: In this moment, am I fully alive, or relatively dead? I resolved to practice every action with full attention.

“I’ve learned that the quality of each moment depends not on what we get from it, but on what we bring to it. I treat no moment as ordinary, no matter how mundane or routine it appears. I practice writing, sitting, eating, and breathing with my full attention. In doing so, I’ve begun to enjoy daily life as I once enjoyed gymnastics. Life hasn’t changed; I have. By treating every action with respect and every moment as sacred, I’ve found a new relationship with life, filled with passion and purpose.

“All I’ve described comes naturally, almost effortlessly, once we clear the internal obstructions in our lives. This book outlines how we can accomplish this.”

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