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No Yes Active Meditation

Spoken Word CD
Shanti Om
September, 2010
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From Eliza Mada Dalian, author of In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness comes this unique audio meditation tool. Dalian says “I have experimented with this technique—based on guidance Osho gave to one of his disciples—in my workshops for many years and having witnessed powerful transformative results for hundreds of people, I am now happy to introduce this meditation to you.”

The No-Yes Active Meditation is a powerful tool for detoxifying the body of suppressed negative emotions that cause energetic blocks, inner unrest, anxiety, and depression. Practicing this meditation will allow the experience of an authentic “yes” that leads to inner joy and celebration of life. Even if practiced occasionally, this meditation can help maintain a sense of inner balance and peace.

Stage 1 (30 minutes): Say No! No! No! “Allow your negative emotions and repressed feelings of anger, resentment, and sadness to be fully and freely expressed… Let your body move freely. Remain a witness to all your thoughts and emotions throughout the meditation.”

Stage 2 (15 minutes): Sit silently and look inside. “Observe your breath, thoughts, emotions, and any movement of energy in your body. While observing, focus your attention on your inner stillness and peace.”

Stage 3 (15 minutes): Say Yes! Yes! Yes!

“Let the ‘Yes’ open your heart. When you feel like it, move your body and start dancing while saying ‘Yes.’ Say ‘Yes’ to yourself, to existence, and to the lessons you have been learning. Let your heart open in gratitude and celebrate your Being!”

The CD includes a spoken introduction to the practice, music passages for the No and Yes sections, and sweet silence for the Silence period.

Those who cannot say no, their yes is impotent; it means nothing, it has no strength in it.” —Osho






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