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Nothing Left Over

A Plain and Simple Life
Paperback Book
February, 2014
$18.50 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Nothing Left Over—an “interior house-keeping” book—is an evocative recollection of one woman’s “simple living” ideal of a life measured in experience rather than in things. Toinette Lippe, a renowned editor and publisher, has midwifed many of the great spiritual texts of our time. But in her own refreshing book, she writes vividly about the daily doings that mark a life of good use rather than one of acquisition, teaching us how to cultivate what is essential and to let go of what is not.

It is always important to be aware of what is going on in our minds because whatever it is, it is absorbing our energy and attention. We are giving ourselves to it. This constant activity of which most of us are completely unaware can be exhausting and wasteful of our resources. Whatever we give our attention to grows, so we should know what that is.

Lippe’s “principles for clearing the mind of clutter” are conveyed through stories, anecdotes and reflections from daily living. With admirable frugality and subtle wit, she writes chapters with titles such as “How Much is Enough?” “Nothing Unnecessary,” “Do It Now,” “The Company We Keep,” “The Habit of Truth,” and “What Nourishes Us.” She says, “What I discovered as I examined the nature of simplicity is that it all depends on integrity and impeccability. If you focus on these two qualities, your life simplifies itself.”

My experience is that if I have to do something, I look at it as clearly as possible and just move forward. There seems to be only one possibility, and I pursue it. If I really don’t know what to do, then I do nothing. Eventually, the universe shifts, and whatever needs doing becomes obvious. Until it is the right moment, there is nothing that can be done… Have a clear look at what is in front of you, and you will recognize the way to go. But it does have to be a very clear look.

“Toinette Lippe’s lucid memoir puts into practice what we all intuitively know makes sense but somehow never quite get around to doing.” —Stephen Batchelor, author of Buddhism Without Beliefs

"I can think of no greater praise than to say this is an honest book; it helps us understand what the values of 'simple living' are really meant to impart in a complicated and unsimple world, not just theoretically, but in the details of our everyday existence." —Jacob Needleman, author of An Unknown World

Publisher’s Description: 

"The ideas in Nothing Left Over are seeds bursting with vitality and her book is a primer in grateful living. As you come to know her in a delightful intimacy, you come to know yourself from unsuspected perspectives." —Brother David Steindl-Rast

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