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The Old Farmer's Almanac 2021 Canadian Edition

Yankee Publishing Inc
September, 2020
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The Canadian edition is "fitted for Ottawa, with calculations to answer for all the Canadian provinces, and features provincial weather forecasts as well as stories that speak specifically to the history, traditons and culture of the country".

-Canadian weather forecasts (including French language for Quebec)

-Canadian topics by Canadian writers

-Ottawa-based astronomical data in the Sky Watch calendar

-Canadian Holidays and Observances

-Frosts and Growing Chart with Canadian locations

Beloved by generations for being useful, with a pleasant degree of humor,The Old Farmers Almanacfeatures everything under the Sun, including its much-in-demand long-range weather predictions for all 5 regions of Canada, essential astronomical timetables, 2021 Canadian holidays and observances, fascinating trends, best fishing days, valuable gardening information, tantalizing recipes, fun folklore, amusements, contests, and much more!

Canadian topics by Canadian writers

Includes 112 full-color pages

Includes French language for Quebec

Ottawa-based astronomical data in the Sky Watch calendar

Frosts and Growing Chart with Canadian locations

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