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Om Zone 432hz

Meditative Arrangements of OM
Music CD
Inner Peace Music
August, 2019
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Publisher’s Description: 

According to the ancient spiritual traditions of India, OM is the primordial vibration that is the harmonic building block of our 3-dimensional world. 

For millennia, people have chanted this mantra to enhance attunement with the quantum field in meditation and yoga practice. What makes this album unique is that it is tuned to a harmonic of the Earth's natural resonance  ( A=432 Hz )rather than the current universal standard frequency of A=440 Hz.

My intention in producing this recording is to create an uplifting meditative soundscape that can be listened to as background, or as a ‘spiritual karaoke’ soundtrack, a virtual yoga choir that supports you in chanting OM or other mantras.(Most people find that chanting by oneself can get somewhat boring fairly quickly.)

OM ZONE 432 Hz features stellar solo improvisations by Grammy nominated chant master Silvia Nakkach (tracks 3 and 5) as well as my duet with her on track 1. Melissa Phillippe is featured on track 12 and on our duet on track 12.
Alternating tracks offer ambient OM choirs suitable for more meditative listening or for you or your  yoga class to chant along with. Several  tracks feature ocean waves or Tibetan bowls.

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