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One River

Explorations and Discoveries in the Amazon Rain Forest
Paperback Book
Simon & Schuster
August, 1997
$27.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Wade Davis’s Harvard mentor was Richard Evans Schultes, the most important scientific explorer in South America in the 20th century—and the focus of this “beautifully and meticulously written” book, which “captures as no other book the adventure of ethnobotany.” —E.O. Wilson

In 1941, after having identified ololiuqui, the long-lost Aztec hallucinogen, and having collected the first specimens of teonanacatl (the “flesh of the gods”), the sacred mushroom of Mexico, Schultes took a leave of absence from Harvard and disappeared into the Northwest Amazon of Colombia. Twelve years later, he returned from South America, having gone places no outsider had ever been, mapping uncharted rivers and living among two dozen Indian tribes. He collected some 20,000 botanical specimens, including 300 species new to science, and documented the invaluable knowledge of native shamans.

The world’s leading authority on plant hallucinogens, Schultes “is one of the last of those biologists and botanists who confronted a planet with vast unexplored tropical regions and lived out the high adventure of a serious student of tropical nature. Wade Davis tells his story with humor and reverence.... One River is a must-read.” —Terence McKenna, author of Food of the Gods

A captivating tale of stalwart explorers, of mentors and students, drawn alike by the siren call of the tropical forest, its plants and its people. Wade Davis writes from the heart about an intellectual river as old as Socrates and as fresh as this morning’s dew: teacher and student, forest and people bound together in a dream one hopes will never end.... a staggeringly wonderful book.” —Thomas Lovejoy, Smithsonian Institution

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