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One River Many Wells

Wisdom Springing From Global Faiths
Paperback Book
June, 2004
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The visionary activist Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessing and The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, has devoted his career to finding and freeing the suppressed mystical and life-affirming traditions within Christianity and other faiths. Originally a Dominican, he was “silenced” by the Vatican, then sacked by his order in 1993—for promoting “Creation Spirituality,” the belief that we are born in “original blessing.” Now an Episcopal priest, Fox continues to write and teach actively, leading “techno cosmic masses” which combine spiritual traditions in a reconstruction of liturgical celebration embracing dance, techno music, and multimedia.

With One River, Many Wells, this maverick spiritual thinker brings readers into the common heart of the great spiritual traditions of the world, illuminating a “deep ecumenism” for seekers everywhere. This book can serve as a world bible for all who yearn for a faith of common heart and a religious vision that soars beyond the constricting walls of dogma and “thou-shalts” to illuminate the divine within each of us and all people.

With scholarly vigor and passion, Fox traces the lines of connection, the shared ideals, and the celebratory magic at the center of all the world’s spiritualities. He draws on ideas and passages from sources as diverse as Sufi mystics, tribal shamans, the Taoist masters, and today’s science. He distills the first principles of world faith and reveals exactly how the different fingers of faith are joined in a single hand. The wide-ranging quotations and lessons that run throughout One River, Many Wells are themselves a prodigious resource and reference of world spirit.

Fox ends the book with “18 New Myths and Visions” that can transform traditional religious ideas into the new myths and ideals to guide our species in the 21st century to the next stage in its evolution.

Deep Ecumenism leads us to new myth-making and ushers in a social vision that might seize the moral and spiritual imagination of our species not unlike what occurred two thousand years ago in Palestine.

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