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The Open Path

Recognizing Nondual Awareness
Paperback Book
September, 2012
$24.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Interest in nondual awareness—the essence of spiritual awakening, free from the obligations and cultural references of any particular religion—is rapidly expanding throughout the Western world. Beautifully written by a man who has clearly walked his talk, The Open Path aids those who want to awaken to the spontaneous presence that is our most intimate nature and the silent ground for all being, and find a sustainable way to express it in the diverse conditions of daily life.

Elias Amidon, a Pir of the Sufi order descended from Hazrat Inayat Khan as well as co-editor of Earth Prayers, provides clear, step-by-step, nonsectarian assistance as nondual awareness is introduced, patterns of self-concept are faced, and the freshness of this realization is revealed in one’s life. The book’s style is intimate and direct, and exercises are offered to help us realize for ourselves.

Non-doing is actually a kind of non-practice. Fundamentally you are not doing anything, just abiding in your natural quiet attention. You are clear-headed. You have no agenda. Nothing has to change or get better. You’re no longer looking for anything. There is no one looking. This is just this welcoming, this openness. It is alert and accepting of what comes. Thoughts arise. Feelings and sensations arise. You let them be. You are simply not interested in pursuing them. They vanish. All thoughts, emotions, and sensations dissolve naturally into open awareness.

You recognize you are not a “you,” but simply awareness aware of what is happening.

“This is one of the clearest and most practical books I have ever read on the subtleties of recognizing nondual awareness. Elias Amidon’s heartfelt clarity carries the signature of someone who has walked the journey himself and discovered there is no road.” —Roger Housden, author of Ten Poems to Open Your Heart

“Among many mysteries explored here: spontaneous prayer, kindness, emptiness, starting from where you are, the freedom of the universe, awakening, is one that Elias Amidon barely mentions—friendship. Moving through this book feels to me like a continuously opening friendship.” —Coleman Barks, author of The Essential Rumi

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