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The Beloved Christian Masterpiece
Paperback Book
St. Martin's Publishing Group
July, 2022
$19.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

A classic of Christian apologetics

Part spiritual autobiography, part apologetics, Orthodoxy is G.K. Chesterton's account of his own journey to faith. Chesterton didnt set out to write a defense of Christian thought, instead he hoped to recount how he personally became a believer. However, in doing so, he penned one of the great classics of Christian writing, a book that has influenced countless people and continues to speak compellingly to our modern day.

Chesterton writes about his journey of faith with wit, charm, and a razor-sharp intellect, undermining casual assumptions and lazy speculations in a relentless search for truth and meaning.

Orthodoxy is the next title in the Essential Wisdom Library, a series of books that seeks to bring spiritual wisdomboth modern and ancientto todays readers. Featuring a foreword by Jon Sweeney, this new edition of the classic text is a must read for seekers and believers alike.

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