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Our Secret Territory

The Essence of Storytelling
Paperback Book
July, 2011
$18.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Our Secret Territory is composed of revelations from the life of a world-famous storyteller including extensive travel and projects spanning thirty years. It helps readers understand the power of storytelling as a profound and unique art form combining modern solo theater, spoken literature, spirituality, and direct oral tradition akin to ancient ritual.

The book is shaped with stories, poems, and a continuous, unfolding fairytale that weaves in and out of a life of experiences: rescuing ex-child soldiers from a devastating war; working with epic singers, Native American storytellers and Tibetan meditation masters; telling tales to Roma mothers and children; and saving a zoo in Northern Romania.     

This is a unique combination of personal story, myth, memoir, and fairytales that will interest anyone involved in storytelling as performance; those using narrative in healing, business, or education; peacemakers and humanitarians; writers; anyone seeking a deeper spiritual practice; and those hoping to understand the psychology of personal memoir, myth and symbol, and how communities are affected by the stories we tell.

Storytelling provides an immediate relief from self-preoccupation and stress. In this way it is entertainment at its most meaningful. It is a means of urging us into the underworld of presence and wisdom.

“Story is a medicine. Laura Simms is a great medicine woman and Our Secret Territory is the means through which she works her magic for each of us and on behalf of the future.” —Deena Metzger, author of Writing for Your Life

Born in a Jewish family in Brooklyn, Laura Simms later became a Buddhist, and performs in the tradition of great storytellers throughout the ages. The New York Times has called her “a major force in the revival of storytelling in America.” Visit her at

Publisher’s Description: 

Laura Simms is an acclaimed storyteller whom The New York Times has called a major force in the revival of storytelling in America. Laura's way of telling a story allows the mind of the listener to rest in a realm of imagination beyond thought, and stimulates its faculties of kindness and relationship. In this book she examines the spiritual and social aspects of storytelling, and its process of engagement.

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