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Our Solarian Legacy

Multidimensional Humans in a Self-Learning Universe
Paperback Book
Hampton Roads
July, 2001
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Banyen's Description: 

Our Solarian Legacy reintroduces humankind to its heritage, as complex and multidimensional as the cosmos itself. Von Ward presents evidence of a self-learning universe wherein human beings are capable of much deeper knowledge, far greater abilities, than we have ever dreamed possible. He documents possible extraterrestrial involvement and genetic manipulation in the early days of humanity, and discusses evidence of a much earlier advent of humanity on the planet than conventional archaeology and anthropology would suggest. The result is a view of human evolution that dissolves the boundaries of established science, history, and orthodoxy—what we think we know—and attempts to discover the truth of our origins.

Humanity needs a new humans-in-the-cosmos myth, a new description of our Solarian legacy, one that is powerful enough to encompass believable descriptions of our membership in a larger community of beings. It must include theories for things unseen and lead to significant behavioral choices. It must deal with such profound issues as the creation of the universe and its creatures, evolution of social institutions, and human relationship with nature and other beings…

I believe that metascience, the synthesis of validated knowledge gained from frontier science and traditional wisdom, can form the basis of such a vision. This would be a cosmic myth to resonate with the inner experience of most and become a powerful guide for the behavior of all. I call this nascent myth our Solarian legacy.

Von Ward urges us to take up our destiny as conscious co-creators of a self-learning and self-correcting universe, expanding our individual and collective consciousness in an open-ended process which will require self-initiation, self-instruction, and self-learning in resonance with the universe.

Publisher’s Description: 

Our Solarian Legacy is a call to action unlike any other you may have encountered before. According to cultural historian and cosmologist Paul Von Ward, the time has come for human beings to reassess just about everything we believe about our ancestry and global past. Drawing upon forgotten prehistory, clues from the world's esoteric traditions, new research in consciousness, and subtle energies and sound reasoning, Von Ward asserts we are more powerful beings than either science or religion has led us to believe. He extols us to embrace a bold, new model of human existence, one that explains our celestial origins, multidimensional capacities and destiny as conscious cocreators of a self-learning and self-correcting universe.

With great insight and clarity, Von Ward envisions that discovery of our true legacy will inspire a global renaissance of inner knowing and unprecedented social progress. Beyond earthly evolution, he sees humanity assuming its place as part of a universal community of conscious beings and fulfilling our potential to serve as galactic leaders. Expanding our individual and collective consciousness will be an open-ended process, Von Ward says, and will require self-initiation, self-instruction, and self-learning in resonance with the universe. Our Solarian Legacy is a brilliant guide to this new and essential process in human spiritual evolution.

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