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The Paradoxes Of Love

Paperback Book
Golden Sufi
May, 1996
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Banyen's Description: 

God turns you from one feeling to another

and teaches by means of opposites

so that you will have two wings to fly

not one.


The Paradoxes of Love explores the theme of mystical love. The heart’s relationship to God is one of the greatest mysteries, for He is both far and near, both awesome and intimate. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, follower of the Naqshbandi Sufi path and author of a number of books, looks here at many of the paradoxes of the path, and how these seeming opposites are united within the heart. He combines his own experiences with the teaching and wisdom of the Sufi path, showing how love reveals its hidden nature. The Paradoxes of Love will be of interest to anyone making the heart’s journey—the one that inevitably includes bewilderment, irony, and surprising turns of the path.

The two worlds, the inner and outer, balance each other, and, like two mirrors held face to face, reflect eternity.

Life and death are woven together and we are a part of this weaving. When the eye of the heart opens, we can see beyond our own individual existence into the oneness of life and then further into the emptiness from which life is continually reborn. Non-being gives birth to being, from which the opposites are created and life continually manifests. The lover who tastes the essence of love passes from duality to unity, from being to non-being. This is the ancient way of the mystic, of the fool who tears aside the veils of the world because of a crazy desire to go Home... Thrown into the world of separation, we come to know that there is no separation...  Through the opposites we come to know Him who has no opposite.


Publisher’s Description: 

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