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A Passion for Creation

The Earth-Honoring Spirituality of Meister Eckhart
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Paperback Book
Inner Traditions
December, 1990
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Meister Eckhart inspired and outraged 14th century Europe with his plainspoken message that God is within each person. Denounced by the Vatican (as was Matthew Fox himself), his radical sermons were carefully taken down by Beguine nuns, and have survived to influence mystics and scholars of every century, including Merton, D.T. Suzuki, Jung, and Marx.

Formerly titled Breakthrough, Passion for Creation is Fox’s comprehensive translation of and original commentary on the critical German and Latin texts of 37 sermons by Meister Eckhart. The goodness of creation, the holiness of all things, the divine blood in each person, the need to let go and let be—these are among Eckhart’s themes.

Matthew Fox uses Eckhart as a fulcrum to explore the pivotal role of mysticism in today’s world. True mystical experience is a “sacred wilderness” within each person—available to anyone at any time, says Fox. By contacting it on a deep personal level, people can directly revitalize every area of their lives: creative, emotional, sexual, social, political, and spiritual. Passion for Creation will be embraced by theologians, students, and all seekers of truth—especially those interested in creation spirituality, which Eckhart advocated six centuries ago and which Matthew Fox has promoted as a spiritual path for the new millennium. He unfolds a four-part system of inner exploration that embraces the mystical paths of every tradition, time, and place. Complete with meditations that lead readers into a personal experience with this life-changing wisdom, Passion for Creation speaks from the heart of Christian mystical practice, as two prophets meet across hundreds of years in this fount of wisdom.




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