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The Path of Aliveness

A Contemporary Zen Approach to Awakening Body and Mind
Paperback Book
May, 2022
$28.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Learn to face, participate in, and ultimately love all aspects ofyour experiencewith this fresh and accessible guide to embodiment training.

Buddhism aims for the development of a flexible mind and skillful responsivenesswhether toward problems in ones personal life or broader issues like the ecological crisis. But in a culture now saturated with cliches about mindfulness and unrealistic fantasies about happiness, what does it truly mean to walk this path? The key practice is that of embodied aliveness.

In The Path of Aliveness, Zen and Taoist Qigong teacher Christian Dillo offers a path of meaningful transformation tailored to our times. Through potent conceptual work and practical examples, he shows how to carefully examine the interrelationship between our senses, body energy, thoughts, and emotions so that we can transform our lives in the direction of less suffering and more freedom, wisdom, and compassion. This secular reconstruction respectfully plumbs Buddhist traditionincluding classic teachings such as the foundations of mindfulness meditation, the practice of loving kindness, and the four noble truthswhile encouraging practitioners to rely on their own body-mind and trust their own experience as the basis for deepening vitality.

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