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The Path To Love

Spiritual Strategies for Healing
Paperback Book
January, 1998
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Banyen's Description: 

The Path to Love shows how we can fulfill our heart’s desire by rediscovering a powerful source of love in spirituality. Drawing on wisdom from the Vedic texts of India and from other spiritual traditions and teachers (he quotes from Rumi, Tagore, Nisargadatta, Symeon the New Theologian, The Odes of Solomon, and others), Chopra shows how spiritual insights can be used successfully to navigate the seven stages of love: attraction, infatuation, courtship, intimacy, surrender, passion, and ecstasy. He tells stories of people who struggle with blocks to intimacy which many of us will relate to from our own lives, and offers some exercises readers can use in learning to overcome those obstacles. This book invites spirit to work its wonders on the most complex, demanding, and rewarding terrain of all: the human heart.

The final fruit of surrender is ecstasy: when you can let go of all selfish attachments, when you trust that love really is at the core of your nature, you feel complete peace. In this peace there is a seed of sweetness perceived in the very center of the heart, and from this seed, with patience and devotion, you nurture the supreme state of joy, known as ecstasy.

In speaking about this “path to love,” he points out that

Some people do not fall in love and enter into relationships with a beloved. But this does not mean that there is no path for them, only that the path has been internalized. For such people, the Beloved is entirely within themselves from the very outset. It is their soul or their image of God; it is a vision or a calling; it is a solitariness that blossoms into love for the One. In its own way, such a love story is also about relationship, because the final realizations are the same for all of us. To realize “I am love” is not reserved only for those who marry. It is a universal realization, cherished in every spiritual tradition. Or to put it most simply, all relationships are ultimately a relationship with God.

Deepak Chopra is the author of a number of bestselling books and tapes, among them Perfect Health and Ageless Body, Timeless Mind.

Publisher’s Description: 

Join Deepak Chopra on a wondrous journey. . . "The Path to Love." Philosophical, inspiring, and ultimately very practical, The Path to Love is a book that can change lives as it invites the spirit to work its wonders on the most complex and richly rewarding terrain of all: the human heart.The Path to Love is a remarkable fusion of Eastern wisdom and Western practicality, of ancient knowledge and cutting-edge research, a convergence that has become the trademark of internationally acclaimed work. Lyrical, inspiring, and very practical, this book gives you new strategies for clearing away the obstacles to love in your life, for restoring the boundless soul of love, and for finding romance that will last a lifetime.

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