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Path Of The Soul Destiny Cards

Intuitive Fractal Energy Art
Tarot + Oracle Card Set
Spirit's Way
August, 2007
$19.99 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Destiny cards, often also referred to as tarot cards, divination cards or oracle cards have been used for centuries as a means of looking into the energetic and spiritual path of an individual. This deck, by visionary artist Cheryl Lee Harnish (who lives in Vancouver, B.C.), shimmers with high vibrations and loving energy. Each card is a magnificent fractal artwork in itself.

Bridging the worlds of complex physics and mathematics, fractal art has more resonance in all aspects of being—physical, spiritual and energetic—than you might have imagined. Each intuitively channeled fractal art piece created by Harnish emanates an energy; in essence, it is like a “living organic art” and our auras respond to this energy by expanding, the same way our bodies respond to joy by smiling.

Physics is even showing a fractal re-construction of DNA induced by states of Bliss which many believe are a part of our evolution in Ascension.

Digitally-generated images which “show” how nature designs everything, fractals are one of the “new tools” on the planet today, to aid us in attunement. The 44-page guidebook which is included with the deck gives heart-centered insight into each of the fractal art card’s meanings. The guidebook is intended to be just that—a guide. All words and card meanings are contained within the book, not on the cards—which allows a reader’s own intuitive guidance to be sensed in connection with the images themselves.

Each reading from the Path of the Soul Destiny Cards offers insight into the emotional, physical or spiritual well-being of the individual, focusing on the development of the soul and bringing to light the many gifts a person has to offer, soul purpose and path in life.

These gold-trimmed cards make a lovely illuminated art gift, whether or not you use them for divination.

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