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Your journey to emotional wellbeing
Paperback Book
Octopus Books
February, 2022
$16.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

A guided journal with tools and techniques to promote positivity and mental wellbeing

Everyone has moments when its hard to see the wood for the trees, but this emotional wellbeing journal will provide practical and creative ways to help people find their own pathway through their problems.

A companion to Samaritans How to Listen, it is designed for anyone who wants to find balance and build resilience. Created in collaboration with psychologists, listening specialists and Samaritans volunteers, it is a daily reminder to check in on how we are feeling.

As well as pages for self-reflection and creative expression, it offers ways to achieve a sense of calm from anxiety, decompression from stress and relief from low mood, plus advice and helpful information on emotional awareness and the importance of listening to ourselves and others. In addition, there are prompts for positive thoughts, goal and routine setting, personal development, self-care and intention setting to develop an awareness of our thoughts and feelings, self-regulate, practise gratitude and create a sense of hope.

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