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Peace of My Heart

Chants to Calm the Mind and Ease the Heart
Music CD
White Swan Music
December, 2018
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Banyen's Description: 

Many times over the years, I’ve been asked if I could record longer versions of the chants that I have been doing… I have a dear friend who works with children with autism and special needs. She teaches them yoga using my CDs. The chanting has a soothing and relaxing effect on the kids, cooling them out and also helping them to connect deeply. But when the chants sped up, the kids get anxious and became distracted and disconnected. When she told me this, I offered to make longer versions of the same chants but keeping a steady tempo and without speeding up. This recording, done live in the studio with the great musicians that I regularly play with, is the result of her request.

This music can also be used for yoga classes, for relaxation, for meditation, for breathwork and body work/spa, and in many other ways. It’s the sound of the Name resonating in our Consciousness that creates new opening and plants seeds for spiritual connection and deepens the connection to the One Heart of All.” —Krishna Das

The five extended kirtan pieces on this gentle double album are: Prema Hare Ram, The Blue Krishna Waltz, Jai Shiva Omkara, Hanuman Bhajan, and Om Sri Matre Namaha.

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