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Peak 40

The New Science of Mid-Life Health for a Leaner, Stronger Body and a Sharper Mind
Paperback Book
May, 2021
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Publisher’s Description: 

Be more, dont do more.Train smart, eat better and balance your mindset and mood as you enter your mid-life.

This is the first book that is specifically designed to help you optimise your physical health, mental well-being, energy levels and intellectual acuity with a simple, science-based plan of action.

Life at 40 is very different from life in your 20s or 30s.This is the period when you begin to encounter roadblocks to peak wellness. In fact, it can be the most challenging decade of your life when you reach peak tiredness, peak stress and when you realise that your body isnt what it used to be. That you can no longer eat, sleep, move or exercise as you used to.

Peak 40 will guide you through the myriad confusing lifestyle messages and help you understand:

  • How to restore flexibility
  • How to train with achy joints, knees, back, shoulders
  • Whether a plant-based diet is right
  • How to maintain bone health
  • Whether to lift weights
  • Who should do HIIT (and who shouldnt)
  • The importance of glucose control in your diet
  • Whether living with anxiety and/or low mood is normal
  • How to reset expectations

But these arent questions with binary answers. Dr Bubbs will help find the best combination for YOU and maximise your mental and physical performance. This book is the roadmap to the BEST YOU in your 40s.

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